aj-burnett.news How? that is my question.  I want to know what happened to this game of baseball.  How can a guy who didn’t even hit anyone get suspended for 6 games and fined while the pitcher who intentionally threw at a batter twice gets just a fine? Is that not backwards. A huge part of baseball is letting the players police themselves. AJ Burnett was doing what all good pitchers do. He was protecting his teammates.  Mark Teixeira got plunked twice by Vincent Padilla. Both pitchers and benches were warned after AJ Burnett flipped Nelson Cruz high knocking him to the floor.  I for one don’t understand how the whole incident is finished right then and there.  Nothing took place after both teams were warned.  Nothing happened in today’s game either.

My problem stems with sports in general.  The NFL is the no fun league. MLB suspends pitchers for protecting their teammates after they have been lumped twice in the same game.  Yet they let players do steroids for years and years with out so much as a peep.  The whole thing is outrageous. Bud Selig and the rest of the idiots over there at that office never cease to blow my mind.

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