chien_ming_wang It was Chein Ming Wang’s long awaited return to the line up and he looked great at first shutting down the Rangers for three innings. They in the 4th it all came unglued and he became April Wang again. But honestly the April Wang would have had that kind of 4th inning in the 1st so he has made some improvement.

The Yankees did a nice job of picking him up. A three run homer by Mark Teixera tied the game at 6  and Melky Cabreara had yet another game winning hit in the 8th with a two run homer that made the Bombers 8-6 victors.

Stats are bizare sometime as Robertson gets the win after throwing only one pitch. The final line on Wang was that he gave up 5 runs on 7 hits but he also struck out 5. He threw 69 pitches 47 or them for strike. I would expect him to be better in his next start as he gets stronger yet. He was only slotted for 80 pitches better today anyhow. Next time out he will better as he will be slotted for 100 pitches.