moIn keeping with our mid season review and in an effort to dwell on the good for as long as we can lets talk about the Relievers, We will start with the Closer and work our way back. We could write an entire book about Mariano Rivera Career from beginning to end and  to say that he is the greatest ever is never going to be enough. Not only is he the best thing to ever happen to baseball he is hands down all that is right about the sport. This year is no different Mariano is having an amazing year by any standard he currently has 30 saves in 32 attempts and an ERA of 1.83 the MLB record is 62. This doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. What an amazing way to go into retirement. The only thing better would be recording the final out in game seven of the world series. Who knows maybe he can do both. A+

David Robertson:  24 hits in 38 innings with 51 Strikeouts is also pretty amazing. His 2.11 ERA and 22 Holds is down right amazing. 40 is the Holds record in a single season but in all fairness this was not an official stat until 2002. A+

Joba Chamberlain: Not quite sure what to make of Joba his ERA on the wrong side of 5 and his more hits than inning pitched is bad. However he is still throwing in the upper 90’s and is striking out batters at a rate higher than one per inning. The Yankees have to have lost a little confidence in Joba and are actively trying to get whatever they can for him at the trade deadline. Which isn’t going to be much because many feel the Yankees might ultimately release him anyhow once some of the injured players start returning to make roster space. C

Preston Claibore: This kid has a bright future at 25 years ols he holds an ERA of 2.43 and has only walked two batters in 29 innings of relief. I look for him to take over that seventh inning role once the Yankees dispel Joba. B+

Shawn Kelly: Is a strikeout machine. This kid has electric stuff striking out 51 batters in only 34 innings . He is quickly becoming the go to guy when you need a K in a rough spot. His Achilles heal is that he has walked a few to many batters but he has a good ERA and less hits than innings pitched. B+

Boone Logan: Often looks overmatched but against lefties he is much better than you would expect. He holds an ERA of 2.16 and is holding lefties to a .250 BAA .Gotta give him an  A-

Adam Warrren: Is that guy who is a starter without a rotation spot. A long man if you will. He doesn’t have overpowering stuff. But what he does have is great control and excellent mechanics. He has an ERA of 3.09 and is still learning his trade. He is only 25 years old and has only appeared in 17 career games. When he is sharp he can eat a lot of innings as a long reliever. I see him being a candidate to win a spot in the rotation maybe as soon as next season. Still gets wacked around a bit to much to call a star but he definitely has talent. B-

So you can wrap it up by saying the Yankees have one of the better bull pens in baseball. The Pen hasn’t been an issue for the Yankees for a couple of seasons now. Dellin Betances is down on the farm and has been amazing after being converted to a reliever this season and could make the roster after Jobas departure. I have to give this corps of relievers an overall grade of  A