Over the years I have repeatedly expressed my dislike for most things ESPN. Now to be fair I will admit to reading their site and watching the Channel. However when It comes to the site the Journalists are horrible. Not in their talent for writing, they are obviously professionals with years of literary experience and journalism degrees, but in their horribly bias opinions and their general lack of specific Yankees knowledge. Granted they have to cover so much that they cant be expected to know all things Yankees like you or I but certainly they should stop making news out of garbage. Specific examples you say? For one is their power rankings. Last week they have the A’s listed as number four. However last time I looked they are 20th in the league in Batting average. How does that work. Have you ever watched a game where the Red Sox are playing. Even if the Red Sox are on a 20 game losing streak and playing against Jesus and the Apostles the Sox swill be portrayed as if they are the ones that walk on water. One of them said the other day that the Yankees should be sellers at the deadline. ??? First of at a couple of games out of the wildcard lead why would you even think about being sellers and secondly just who do you think they are going to sell. All their assets are either pending free agency, to expensive to trade or on the DL. Or perhaps they want us to trade Nunez for a handful of magic beans. The Yankees certainly must be buyers and are a right handed bat and a right handed infielder that can hit away from making a run for the wildcard and possibly the division if they get on a role out of the gate in the second half.

What really gets me is ESPN INSIDER??? You want me to pay how much a year to even read the articles that these bozos are writing? 26 dollars? How about I go to MLB.com or CBSsports and read the same content for free. Mlb.com is awesome, from their bloggers all the way up to the network analysts. Ok I don’t know if I gave you ten reasons or not but every once and a while I have to vent about them. I will give them credit for putting out a great magazine. The writers for ESPN Magazine are outstanding. They research their material and present it in a well thought out educated manner. The whole body issue thing was a bit much but it did shake things up a little and that was what it takes to get people to read your stuff. Some of my most read articles were about things that were controversial like Arod and steroids or about why you should hate ESPN. If you have to pay for something that you should get for free is it prostitution? Journalistic Hookers? Follow us on Twitter at Yankees magazine tonight we talk about trades.