This is that time of year when you hear all kinds of trade rumors. Fact of the matter is most of it is just rumors and speculation. However usually there is a little bit of fact in their somewhere. This is a fact: The Yankees need offence! I don’t think any of you will disagree with that. There is one school of thought that just getting back some of these injured players can be better than any move the Yankees might make. So this seems like a great place to start, who is coming back and what do I expect from them in the second half.

1. Derek Jeter; Currently Derek is resting a grade one strain of his quadriceps. Did Jeter come back to soon? The world will never know. Based on history Jeter is a reliable bat and I believe he will hit close to .300 in the second half if he can stay healthy. He has been a rock for his entire career but he always plays full out. This is great if your 23, when you are 39 you need to take it easy. If Jeter is going to be effective he needs to have plenty of time at DH. Does this mean the Yankees should look to trade for a Short Stop?

2. Alex Rodriguez: I don’t even know what to tell you about this one. There are so many unknowns and If I were Brian Cashman I would seriously have a back-up plan. The General belief is that A-Rod will be facing a suspention of up to 150 games. Should this happen Im certain he will appeal which will allow him to play during this process. The bigger question is his health and effectiveness. He was 3-25 Rehabbing in single A ball, to me that is not all that encouraging. We will half to wait and see how the rest of his Rehab assignment goes. AA and AAA is next up for him and there isn’t much difference between the pitching there and in the majors. Should the Yankees Look to trade for a Third Baseman?

3. Mark Texeria: Out for the Season after wrist surgery. This leaves Lyle Overbay as your starting First baseman, at .252 BA with 11 Homers the Yankees have certainly gotten more than they expected from him. He is also a doubles machine hitting 18 of them so far this season. Although he is not Tex he has been ok with the glove as well with a .997 fielding percentage with only 2 errors.Will it be enough. do they need to find someone to play first bace on a regular basis?

4. Curtis Granderson: Granderson led the Yankees in HR last year with 43 that’s a lot of long balls that aren’t getting hit. Granderson is getting close to a rehab assignment. Next he will start hitting off a tee. I expect him back mid august but will that be to late? Do the Yankees need another Outfielder or are they ok with Gardner,Ichiro,Almonte,Wells combo?

5. Fransisco Cervelli: At one point it looked like he was close to coming back but after a setback im not so sure. Stewart who is his backup now starter has been great with the glove and although not Posada he has been better than replacement level with a .241 batting average. His back up Austin Romaine has been HORIBLE and I put that in capital only because there aren’t any larger letters. Do they need to find a Catcher? or do they have someone in the minors that will fit the bill. At this point Cervelli isn’t even throwing so don’t count on him.

So lets hear it from you what do we need? give me your trade ideas in the comments and take the poll. Ill be back in a bit with my bold predictions on what would lead this team to the World Series.