Its obvious that the Yankees need to make some moves in order to contend for the playoffs. They are not going to be able to get any huge names like Troy Tulowitski or Felix Hernandez but there are some impact bats that could be had and some not so expensive moves that might make since to correct their issues. So lets look at the problems I listed before and a couple of possible solutions to them.

1. I don’t know what you think, but I don’t think Jeter will be able to play everyday at Shortstop if you want him to be healthy and make an impact. He is going to need plenty of time at DH and some days off in the mix to stay off the DL. I am also unsure what to expect out of third base. There are a lot of question marks around Arod and a potential suspension. I was of the belief that he would appeal any punishment given but now I am hearing that he may try to work out a deal for a lesser sentence. The latest is it could be as much as 150 games. If a deal is cut there would be no appeal and he will be gone for probably the rest of this year. With all that being said I think a utility guy with a good glove and some talent with the stick is in order. Nunez is not your everyday guy and shouldn’t even be considered at third. Here’s some options

a. Asdrubal Cabrerra– the Yankees have expressed interest in this talented shortstop. Most believe he is athletic enough to learn third base as well and would be under team control for next season so the Indians are not likely to give him away.

b . The Rockies have expressed some interest in Phil Hughes and the Yankees aren’t going to give him away. Its obvious Troy isn’t on the block and Phil isn’t even close to being enough for Michael Cuddyer. But an interesting role player could be Jorden Pacheco. He hasn’t seen a lot of action this season but last season played in 132 games with 147 hits 54 RBI and a .309 BA In 21 games this season his BA is .286 He can play multiple positions mainly first and third, but came up as a catcher and has played second and left field. I haven’t heard the Yankees connected to him but maybe we can put a bug in their ear.

2. Mark Texeria is out for the season having season ending wrist surgery. Lyle Overbay has been decent but cannot hit lefties a lick and needs a platoon partner to become more effective. we already discussed Pacheco but what about more of a pure power hitter to try and get back some of those HRs we have lost with Tex on the shelf.  The Only other first baseman the Rockies have is Helton but he’s a 39 year old lefty who at this point is not an upgrade over Lyle. One name that comes around every year about this time is Justin Morneeau. But he’s a Lefty and his power numbers are down so hes not really fitting the bill. The one that I  want is Justin Smoak Hes a 26 year old switch hitter on a team that is going no place fast. Smoak is batting .272 in 68 games with 8 HR The Mariners have the luxury of having two first baseman the other is just as intriguing if not more so do to the fact that he has more power and would cost less do to the fact because of his pending free agency. Kendry Morales  is batting .281 with 14 HR and 54 RBIs so either one of these guys would fix the problem.

3. Granderson will eventually be back and this will probably send someone packing. Unfortunately for Almonte it will probably be him. As a Rookie with options he can be sent down to Scranton till September call ups. Vernon Wells is not really tradable and makes to much money to just DFA. With no definite time table for Grandersons return there are some that believe that a right handed outfielder to Platoon with Ichiro is needed NOW. Names that are being tossed around include Michael Cuddyer (for a high price) , The Yankees don’t seem particularly interested but Marlon Byrd is having a hell of a season with 15 HR and 54 RBI at the break and wouldn’t be to expensive, My opinion is that the Yankees don’t need an outfielder unless his last name is Stanton, in which case plan on the Yankees having to empty the farm.

4. This one is a lock in my mind. Fransisco Cervelli isn’t coming back any time soon and may be facing a 50 game suspension for the Biogenisis scandal so the Yankees need to do better than the back up as the starter and Austin Romaine and his sub 200 BA and questionable defense as his backup. The Yankees have a Stud in the waiting down on the Farm in JR Murphy. Murphy was promoted this year from AA to AAA and has turned his questionable defense into his strongest asset. He’s currently batting 309 with 78 hits in 74 games 26 of them going for extra bases. Oh and he is also throwing out 45% of the base runners that try and steal on him.

To summarize what I think the best moves would be to win a World Series

1, Kendry Morales or Justin Smoak for Prospects

2, Jordan Pashenco For Phil Hughes and a PTBNL

3.Call Up JR Murphy

4. Get Granderson Back healthy.

add it all up = World series.

So what will the Yankees do? Probably reacquire Andruw Jones from Japan and miss the playoffs