Seems that the Royals figured out that you can bunt against And because he is to old to cover the base in a hurry. He seemed to beat up on himself during the postgame for his inability to beat the runner to the base but that’s just Andy. He is his worst critic. In all fairness after the first couple of inning he settled down and pitched decently. He just needs to put runners away when he gets ahead. Four runs seems to be his new norm as that’s what he has given up in his last three starts. As luck would have it they have all been wins. It seems that he is getting a bit more run support than the rest of the rotation as it seems that Kuroda has gotten the short end of the run support stick of late.

Jeter had a successful return to the Bronx, with a single an RBI and a run scored. That was until he was lifted for tightness in his quad. Hopefully its nothing and he will be back in the lineup Friday but they sent him for an MRI to error on the side of caution. Brett Gardner missed this game with a contusion after being struck by a pitch but I hear he will be playing on Friday against the Twins so its no big deal. Hafner however who also got a contusion after injuring himself in the batting cage might be out another day or so. (If we are lucky) Lyle Overbay continues to get timely hits with two more RBIs today. His July batting average is .273 with 2 HR and 6 RBI. Ichiro got another hit and scored another run. It amazes me that this guy is 39 years old and has 85 hits and a .278 BA right now. Would I be surprised if he hits 200 hits this year? Nope not at all. He like Rivera is an ageless wonder that will probably be playing at this same level three years from now.

Its sad that the Yankees have won seven of their last ten but just cant seem to make up any ground in the east. Right after the all star break they have what might amount to three of the most important series of the year. The Red Sox , Rangers and Rays are all on the ticket and if the Yankees are to make a run at this these are the series they have to win. They are in a decent position right now sitting at only two and a half games behind the Rays and Rangers for the wild card lead. I’m not going to say the division is out of reach but they aren’t really within striking distance yet. If the Yankees can make a move for a right handed bat( preferably an infielder ) then I think they will make the playoffs. They need to be willing to give something up though if they are going to pick up anyone of any value. Joba And Hughes alone aren’t going to get it done as trade chips except for salary dump rentals. Hard to gauge the trade market but the names I keep hearing are Young and Morales. Ill let you know when I hear anything solid. All I can say is that they are trying to see if they can trade Hughes and/or Chamberlain and get back a bit more than a handful of magic beans.

Tomorrow the Yankees will be matching up against Scott Diamond and the Twins who have both been Horrible. Diamond has taken a beating this month to the tune of three straight losses and a July ERA over 6 while his opponent Has an ERA under 3.00 and could very well be the Yankees best pitcher not named Sabathia. He has been the victim of poor run support of late but playing the Twins should help boost everyone’s ego a little. Lets hope these last couple of days and this last series before the all star break gives the Yanks some momentum going into the second half and lets hope Help is on the way!  Follow us on twitter at Yankeesmagazine