Get a good look Lyle you might not have another for a long time

Was that HR by Overbay really needed? Don’t you think at that point they were just running up the score. Seriously though it was great to see the offence score with the long ball once again. Its the way of the bombers and its what we have all come to expect. We cant let our love for the long ball to overshadow tonight’s true star and that was Ivan Nova. Where did this guy come from? It seems almost overnight he has turned from the guy who leaves big cookies in the middle of the plate to the guy who has great control down in the zone making him a strike out machine. In his last two starts Nova has thrown 17 innings giving up 3 earned runs on 8 hits and has struck out 17 batters. To simply say he was sharp tonight (which is what espn gave him credit for) is an understatement. He was brilliant.

This may sound rotten but Hafner getting hurt and being replaced by Wells was a blessing. Lately Hafner has not been able to hit a barn door with a machine gun and Wells has shown some signs of life. Wells went 2-2 tonight with a run scored and in the last seven days he is 6-15 which translates to a .400 BA. Hafner on the other hand 5-25 which equals a .200BA. Hafner is our DH and for those of you who dont understand what the DH is supposed to do its Hit. Thats it! Just get hits and drive in runs. Hafner has not done that since May. His BA is down to .214 and is batting .185 in July.

I heard a rumor that Help is on the way. Im assuming this means Derek Jeter however it appears he will still be in Scrantons line-up tomorrow. Today he went 0-3 with an Error but said that he felt good. I surmise that If he feels good after back to back games you may see him play this weekend against the Twins. Lets be honest is playing against the Twins any different than playing in a minor league rehab game anyhow?

Best quote of the night was Overbay saying that he felt selfish because he didn’t leave anyone for Nunez to drive in. More tomorrow kids and please tell your friends to follow us on Twitter at Yankeesmagazine