Reports that A-Rod will be suspended are a bit premature as MLB investigators haven’t even spoken to him yet. The Fact that Ryan Braun isn’t cooperating implies that he is probably guilty but it is still difficult to suspend someone without actual proof. Investigators will speak to A-Rod on Friday and at some point they will make a ruling on whether or not some 20 players will be suspended. The evidence against them seems to hinge primarily on the testimony of Tony Bosch who was the administrator of biogenisis ,an organization that allegedly gave steroids and other banned substances to players who are on this list, and some hand written notes that implicate them.  I believe that A-Rod will declare his innocence regardless of whether he is guilty or not. The league will probably try and slap him with a 100 game suspension and possibly 50 games for fellow teammate Fransisco Cervelli. A-Rod will of course appeal this suspension and will probably end up playing the rest of the regular season before his appeal is even heard. At which point I believe the players union will negotiate a lighter sentence and he will end up serving 50 games next season. This of course is all speculation on my part. There is also a belief that A-Rod may try and avoid all the hoopla using the inability to recover from his latest surgery as means to retire thru the physically unable to perform loophole  This would allow him to collect the money owed to him via a large insurance policy taken out on his contract. This would also allow him to avoid the public humiliation of yet again being found guilty of steroids and would save the Yankees a boat load of money over the next few years. Could happen but it seems unlikely as many would view this as him just trying to dodge the rules and get paid.  Then of course there is another possibility that he is innocent of all charges that have been proposed against him and that he will be cleared and Major Leauge Baseball will issue an apology for all the grief they have caused him over the duration of this investigation. However it seems more likely that they will decide to make the baseball square.