How is it that the Yankees have been able to do so well with so little? This question has been baffling many sportscasters and scouts this year. The Yankees and Joe Girardi has been great about maximizing the potential of players who were thought to be some other teams scraps. Is it that the Yankees are able to see things that other teams dont? Is it that the media attention of NY makes players try harder so that they pay more attention to their jobs because everyone is paying more attention to them? Or is it that the coaches and trainers for the Yankees are able to help the players make adjustments to make them better players? Yes ,Yes , and Yes! I believe all of these to be true. Lets look at some numbers of some players who are playing over expectations:

Lyle Overbay  Ave .257  7 HR 25 RBI with an opps of .773  Its May folks at this pace he will finish with  23 HR  70 RBI. I think the Yankees would take that out of any player whose name is not Robinson Cano.

Vernon Wells. Ave .288 10 HR 25 RBI with an opps of .815  ok you never would have expected that Vernon Wells who has been bad since 2010 would finally start living up to his ridiculous contract.

Travis Hafner Ave .275 8 HR and 24 RBI in only 35 games with an OPS of .993 . He is a little fragile and has to have some time to heal his old body but man has Girardi known how to use him to get the most out of him.

The Yankees have some big decisions to make. Texeria and Youkolis will be coming off the DL in a couple of weeks and moves will have to be made.  I really don’t see the Yankees letting Overbay go, he has been way to good. Texeria will be eased back into the line up and I truely believe that they might see if Overbay can take his glove into the outfield. Their are alot of good players with options that can be sent to scranton and recalled as needed. I think Nuno will go down when Pettitte returns. However he has certainly pitched well and im certain he will be coming back at the first hint of injury.  I think that another pitcher will go down probably Claiborne but don’t be surprised if its Nova in an attempt to get him on a regular five day schedule again. Then whomever else they send down probably doesn’t deserve it. I would say let Hafner go. He is to fragile and it is inevitable when Arod returns anyhow. This would give you the oppertunity to use guys like Overbay and Wells in that spot for now. Lets just say its a problem that most managers would love to have. Will be interesting to see what they do.