Sabathia will get another shot at righting the sinking ship that is the NY Yankees

Yes the Yankees are not looking so hot in the first week of the season but the bombers are no strangers to the slow start. Last season they started 0-3 and ended up just a few games from the World Series.  Nobody can forget 1998 when the Yankees had a 1-4 start and ended up with 114 wins. I’m not going to lie and say that this team is even close to the talent level of that team but I truly believe that once the pitching starts to perform to the level that they should  the Yankees will stay competitive until they get some of their wounded players back on the field.

Yes the Yankees are badly banged up and we all know that with the age of their line up that this has been a risk. The Yankees have a lot of talent on the DL right now with Jeter, Granderson, A-Rod , and Texeria out of the line up how well did you expect them to play. The good news is they are going to get them all back at some point this season and then some. The plan is for Granderson and Texeria to return on or around May 1st. Jeter shortly there afterwords. Then there is Michael Pineda and A-Rod who the Yankees hope to get back around mid season the roster will be dramatically different and obviously of a much higher caliper. This all sounds to optimistic so I’m going to add a few grains of pessimism to it. I don’t believe Jeter will be back any time soon and their is a possibility that he will not return at all or not be effective all season. He is 38 years old and is coming off a serious injury that is going to make his comeback a long hard road. There is also a possibility that Texeria’s injury will require surgery  In order for the Yankees to be competitive they need two of three back between A-Rod ,Texeria and Granderson. Right now they also don’t have Nunez who I have allot more confidence in this year than in the past. He will when healthy be more than an adequate replacement for Jeter and I believe, as do the Yankees, that he will be their shortstop for many years to come. He has proven he can hit and he has great speed. Once he gets over his throwing issues, which is getting much better, he has allot of up side.

Starting tomorrow its back to the top of the Rotation and an opportunity for CC Sabathia to right the ship and pitch like the Ace he is. Its a tough bill consider he is facing Verlander who is probably the only pitcher in the American League who is better than he is. The Yankees just need to stay in the game and let Robertson and Rivera do their thing. Its a tough start to the season but they are against two of the better teams in baseball. Detroit being probably the best in the American League.