Everyone is freaking out that the Yankees are going to be horrible this year and blah blah blah. Here is why I think you are all crazy.

1. Pitching wins divisions: You can sit there and tell me that the staff is old and they have no depth but I will tell you that you are wrong. Pettitte’s injury last season had nothing to do with his age, He looked great last season and looks great so far this year. Sabathia and Kuroda are proven winners. Nova,Phelps and Hughes are certainly better than what most other teams have on the back side of their rotations.

2. Yankees have speed: After Grandersons return the Yankees will have Five guys that can steal a base. Ichiro, Gardner, Nunez, Granderson and Cano. ( hes not a burner but he gets good reads) The Yankees also have some minor leauge talent  that might make an impact should they get the opportunity like Mesa and Almonte

3. Bull Pen the best thier is: Ardsma, Chamberlain, Robertson, Rivera. If these guys are on Its really just a six inning game.

4. Mid season health: Assuming that Tex doesn’t need surgery look for the Yankees to have alot more bang for their buck with ARod,Granderson,Cano,Texieria and Youk . Whats that about the Yankees not being able to hit HR???

5. Trade chips if needed: Make no mistake. If Texeria needs surgery and will miss the season Juan Rivera will not be our everyday first baseman for long. The Twinkies are rebuilding and this is Justin Mournous last season before free agency. You can bet some of the young talented prospects would look pretty good to the twins who are in need of young talent desperately. You will also see the Yankees make good at the trade deadline. Whether its and arm or a bat the Yankees have what they need to bring in the best rental available to drive the nail home.

I may sound like an optimist among a sea full of pessimists but the Yankees time and time again prove the negative media wrong. Remember Pitching wins Championships.