Its been awhile since I have posted, primarily because there hasnt been a whole lot of newsworthy stuff coming out of Yankee-Land but I will try and recap the highlights and then break down a few predictions.

1. Arod’s surgery happened without any complications and if all goes well we should see him around the all-star break. Don’t count your chickens yet but there is a good chance that this surgery and its apparent increase in his range of motion may bring him back better than he was before. I would love to see a return of the Alex of 2007-2009.

2. Jeter is out of the walking boot and has been cleared for baseball activities. He states that he is right on track for where he needs to be and plans on being in the opening day line-up.

3. Although the Yankees have are still in search for a right handed bat compliment their all left handed outfield they did pick up a Journeyman in Russ Canzler who could be lightning in a bottle. He had 29 HR last year only 3 in the majors but truth be known he has never really been given a fair chance in the majors. At only 26 years old he can also play first base and will provide another right handed bat to DH or come off the bench.

4.  The Yankees will go into spring training without knowing who their starting catcher or backup will be. It will be a competition between Chris Stewart, Francisco Cervelli, Austin Romaine and Bobby Wilson. I can honestly say I have no idea who will win this one. Stewart was last seasons back up and is known for his defense and not his bat. Cervelli is probably not as talented defensively but has shown a bit more with the bat than Stewart but is also prone to extended slumps. Austin Romaine is tagged as the Catcher of the future but has almost zero big league experience and very little over the AA  level. Bobby Wilson is a non roster invitee who was a back up with the Angels is defensive guy as well. To tell you the truth I don’t know who I prefer  but im routing for Romaine to pick up some experience probably as the Back up to whomever wins the job.

There is also the question of DH. I believe they will probably not pick up anyone to fill this spot but go with Nunez and then when A Rod returns it will be Youk’s spot.

Even though the Yankees have not aquired alot of new faces lets not forget that the ones they have got them just a few games away from the world series last year and I have no doubt in my mind that Cashman will make sure that the product on the field will be one that is capable of wining it all or he will make the moves necessary to do so. In Cash We Trust.