There really hasn’t been any big surprises. The Yankees have signed Ichiro to a two year 12 million dollar contract. Not a surprise there except maybe a little surprised that he got two years. There was some talks that the Yanks might be interested in Bourne. However that rumor was quickly squashed and didn’t make any sense in the first place. The Yankees already have two speedy defensive outfielders in Gardner and Suzuki and he is left handed. The Yankees have shifted their priority to a right handed platoon type outfielder to compliment Suzuki and Gardner. Then a DH is said to be next. The Yankees still have an Interest in Ibanez but this seems to be on the Back burner until they find a right handed outfielder. This may become problematic if they truly are planning on resigning him as a DH because Seattle seems to be putting on the full court press and Ibanez seems to want to settle a contract sooner rather than later. It   is becoming more and more evident to me that the Yankees may be going with Romaine and Stewart as their Catching Duo. Many believe that Cervelli will be in the mix but it seems to me that they have lost all confidence in him and at one point he was reduced to a minor league back up. He calls a good game but his defense is average and his hitting, although good at times, is inconstant.

I think the Rotation is set but wont be surprised to see them sign a couple of old veterans in January to compete for depth. Kind of bottom feeding type deal. The Yankees have had luck with this in the past. I think the Rotation will be CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes and Nova. Although I think that if Phelps has a good spring he could muscle that fifth spot away from him. The Bullpen will look much the same as it did last year with the exception of David Ardsma being back from Tommy John Surgury. Ardsma has had allot of success in past years so it will be interesting to see how he performs after missing a season.

UPDATE: At this very moment the Mariners have agreed to a one year deal with Raul Ibanez. So this will force the Yankees to continue to seek a DH elsewhere. I would like to see Lance Berkman fill this role but I would not be suprised to see the Yankees go for a less expensive platoon type deal that would involve Nunez getting some DH at bats. Migel Cirio? Johnny Damon? Bobby Abreu? any other old washed up Yankees you might want to bring back?