Old Nemesis becomes new Yankee

Holes is one thing the Yankees have had allot of this off-season, Needing a Catcher, RF, Third Baseman, Infield backup, forth outfielder, Back up first-baseman and a DH. They may even consider another starting pitcher above all that, but pitching seems to be one area the Yankees are pretty comfortable in right now after resigning Kuroda and Pettitte to back up their Ace Sabathia. The Yankees have just agreed to a 12 million dollar one year deal with former nemesis Kevin Youkilis who will play third and back up first base. He may also see some time at DH once A-rod returns from Hip surgery, hopefully in July. Kevin is certainly not what he once was but playing for the Yankees and working with Kevin Long seems to bring the best out of all hitters who come. Speaking of which the Yankees are close to a reunion with fan favorite Ichiro Suzuki, who after a horrible start in Seattle was traded to the bombers only to see him look like an all-star batting over 300 and absolutely terrorizing opposing pitchers on the base-pads. With Gardner healthy again the Yankees will arguably have the fastest outfield in the Majors. However not a whole lot of power from the Corners and all left handed. Look for the Yankees to bring in a righty who can platoon in left and right field for those tough left handers. Scott Hariston as well as a few others seem to be on the Yankees radar and there has been rumblings of Josh Hamilton dawning the pin stripes but I believe this to be wishful thinking unless he will take a three or four year deal that would have to be creatively structured for, the Yankees to meet ownership’s 189 million dollar salary by 2014. I also believe that they have some serious interest in bringing back Ibanez to be that DH slash fourth or fifth outfielder. The need for a catcher seems to be on the back burner right now Cashman claiming that they will fill this internally between Stewart,Cervelli and Romaine, Yeah just like that time Bubba Crosby was going to be the Yankees center fielder. It does seem that it isnt as much of a priority but that may change once all the other position contracts have been finalized. I still believe AJ Prezinski is the best move here but they don’t care what I think to much.