Sources indicate that the Yankees and Andy Pettitte are closing in on a one year 11 million dollar deal and hopefully this deal will be all done before the winter meetings begin on December 3rd.  Sources also say that a deal with Mariano Rivera should be rapped up before the winter meetings as well. Its also been stated that Martin has been visiting some interested cities to see how comfortable he may be in other places if he cannot reach a deal with the Yankees. I read one article that stated that Martin may be looking for a four year deal at ten million a year. This is probably beyond what the Bombers are willing to spend so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. The Yankees also have not had any conversations with Ichiro but that is not a surprise as they usually wrap up pitching first before dealing with other position players. The rumors continue to fly about the Yankees being interested in Shane Victorino. This makes a lot of sense considering he is a switch hitter that hits lefties well, something the Yankees desperately need. However it seems that Victorino has been offered some multi-year deals already that may just put the Yankees out of the running. Shane had a poor second half at the plate last year but still played great defense . At 31 he might be to expensive to fit into Cashman’s plans to lower payroll under 189 million next season.