Ichiro Suzuki is as close to a man crush as I will come these days. I love the way he plays the game, I love his hustle and even his unorthodox hitting style. Through his agent he has made it clear that returning to the Yankees is his preference and I think it would be a great move, especially if he is willing to take a cheap incentive packed one year deal.  For some reason everyone thinks that we need a power hitter to replace Swisher. I say we have enough power hitters with Cano,A-Rod, Granderson,Tex and possibly Ibanez . Thats five of your nine starters who are probably giving you at least 20+ HR. Then there are a couple who are on the fringe of being power hitters in Jeter, Martin (assuming he resigns. Whats wrong with having a speedy outfielder in both corners who can reek havac on the base pads and add some insurance at the top of the line up if Jeter isnt ready to go. Suzuki in 62 games with the Yankees batted .322 with 15 SB and struck out only 27 times in 402 AB, He also added 5 HR giving him 9 for the year. His Stolen base total for the year was 28. Being with a contender seemed to rejuvinte him and if he is willing to take a one year deal with or without a team option for 2014 the Yankees should not blink. The only problem I see with Ichiro is that he is a lefty and assuming that Gardner plays left and they bring back Ibanez the Yankees would have an all lefty hitting outfield. Gardner hits Leftys fairly well and Granderson has been better against them since signing with the Yankees but it still may be problematic. Perhaps they should consider Ibanez as a primary DH and sign a Right handed outfielder to share time time in the outfield against righties. Ichiro is the man Brian Cashman and a great roll model and on top of everything else he puts butts in the seats.