The Yankees universe can breath a little easier with the knowledge that Hideki Kuroda has resigned with the Yankees for a one year 15 million dollar deal. So the top two spots in the rotation are now a lock. Its strongly believed that Pettitte will resign for at least one more year but money might be a factor. Seems that Cashman still likes Nova as a possible rotation piece even with his second half struggles. Pineda is throwing off flat ground and is said to look good. However nobody is counting on him for anything at this point and its almost a given that he will not be ready for the beginning of the season. The Yankees also picked up a young reliever from the Astros. Righty Mickey Story made his major league debut for the Astros last August and went 0-1 with an ERA of 3.86 in 25 appearances. 27 hits in 34 innings with 30 strikeouts not to bad of a start for the 26 year old righty.
I still believe that the Yankees will go out and sign a arm with a name but they are keeping who they are interested in very close to the vest. Speaking of who they are interested in the Yankees have been in contact with Scott Hairston. This makes alot of since and he is a decent fielder with some pop who hit lefties for a good average. It would especially make since if they bring back Ibanez as a platoon partner for him. I still think Youkilis is a good idea but if not him someone else that can play both corners if they are unable to bring back Chavez will be a must.