ImageSome news out of Yankee land, as most of you know Mariano Rivera has announced his desire to pitch next season. This is great news and you may have also heard that the Yankees will probably offer him less money. This is to be expected when you are 43 years old and coming off surgery that caused you to miss most of a season, I suspect the contract will be laced with obtainable incentives that will make the deal worth as much as his last deal. This is just smart business and Its the same thing they did and probably will do with Andy should he decide to return. The better you do the more you get paid. Its just good business.

Speaking of good business Swisher,Kuroda and Soriano all turned down their qualifying offers as expected. Swisher is as good as gone probably seeking a multi year deal that will be out of the Yankees price range. Soriano will probably be seeking a closing job somewhere and with Rivera back in the picture its not with the Yankees. Kuroda is likely to be negotiated with and hopefully will be back next season but he is also being coveted by the Dodgers whom he used to pitch for. Sources have also stated that he may have an interest in returning to Japan, It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. The Yankees have some needs, Right field being a big one.  There has been some speculation that they may covet Tori Hunter but that would go against Cashmans desire to stay under 180 million in payroll.Personally I hope they decide to bring back Ichiro for an encore showing. Stay tuned