Its interesting some of the names that have appeared in free agency this season and the Yankees have some players that they can deal or resign that will hopefully improve the roster. The Yankees will obviously make a qualifying offer to Swisher who will turn it down and seek a multi year deal elsewhere netting the Yankees a draft pick between the first and second rounds. The same may also be true of Soriano and Kuroda. However Kuroda may take the qualifying offer which would be quite a raise for him. Or they may try to sign him to a two year deal. I saw one journalist who actually said something that made since, the Yankees should deal for Beltran , sign Hunter and move Gardner to center. Then Trade Granderson for a nice package of young talent. I also think either Hughes or Nova could be included in such a trade for Beltran or for another power hitting outfielder. If the Yankees don’t retain Martin they may consider AJ Perzinski who had a career high 27 hr last season. If he can be convinced to leave the white sox.

All the talk of A-Rod being traded is ridiculous.  Girardi reached out to A-Rod recently to tell him just that. That being said Alex cannot be relyed on for a whole season, so a back up will be important. If they can resign Chavez who do you think it should be. Magee was not answer, Nunez needs to stick with being a short stop, perhaps Nix? Free agent third baseman will be scarce in 2013 but among them some names to consider are Kevin Youkilis or Brandon Inge. Ty Wiggington may become a free agent if his option is not picked up and it seems to me the Yankees have has some interest in him in the past. Speaking of infielders its a bit of a crap shoot on whether Jeter will be ready and able to start the season at short. I seem to think he will but Nunez will be the man if he is not. Cano is obviously the second baseman and one can only hope that the Yankees will break their own rule and lock him up long term before his contract expires at the end of the season. Texeria is still an elite fielding first baseman but has not been the hitter that he once was. He also has spent some time on the DL the last couple of seasons. The departure of Swisher will make it interesting as to who will be his back up.  Some one said the other day bring back Giambi. Well that is an interesting idea if he wasn’t horrible and 42 years old. Youkolis would be a great option if he wasn’t hated in Yankee land. He would get plenty of playing time between first and third and DH. Perhaps fences could be mended and we could see Youk a Yankee. Interesting ????? So as you can see allot of work to do yet. Lets see what happens with our free agents and then go from there. It would be nice if Rivera makes a decision on retiring or not before Soriano decides to opt out. Could make a huge difference.

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