OK OK so the Yankees got swept by the Tigers for the first time in a like 30+ years, but hey when you go to the playoffs every year you are bound to get swept once in a while. The bombers can hold their heads high on the fine season that led them to the best record in the AL and figure out what needs to be done in order to be even better next year.

To me this years Yankees was built to be sluggers. There wasn’t enough building runs and small ball but there sure were a lot of HR. They need to figure out what will be a good balance of both. The Pitching was outstanding. Bringing back Kuroda and Pettitte should be a priority. I feel like Nova and Hughes should be given a opertunity to compete for a spot but should also be considered trade bait while their value is still decent. Garcia should be done and Phelps should definitely be part of the rotation. Most of the bull pen should try and be retained however there is a good chance that Soriano will exercise his opt out clause and not return. Boy will it be good to see Mo back on the mound though huh? Eppley,Logan,Robertson,Chamberlain were all great and should be retained. I wouldnt even mind seeing Lowe come back on a non Roster invite if he is unable to sign elsewhere with a chance to compete for a Rotation spot.

Bigger problems lie with the offence. Who stays and who goes. Who gets traded and who gets a new deal? These are all questions that will be answered in the up coming weeks. It seems like a no brainer that Grandersons option will be picked up. I also feel that Swisher will be offered a “qualifying” offer which he will turn down, but if they dont offer they dont get the draft pick. There has been a lot of chatter about A-Rod being traded. I think that would be awesome, but come on you and I know that’s not going to happen. First off who would take him and secondly he has a full no trade clause. So you can all get that out of your head right now. I feel that the Yankees might break their own rule and see if they can lock up Cano long term before the end of next season. I think they could do worse than giving Ichiro a one year deal to play in right field as well. Nunez has shown enough with the bat and enough of an improvement in the field to warrant another opportunity at a bench role.

The Yankees also have some injury concerns. Derek Jeter had surgery today and only time will tell if he will be ready to go for spring training or if he will ever be able to play short again.  It seems Sabathia will be having a bone spur removed from his elbow which is actually good news as such procedures are common and rarely have any long-term problems. So like I said a lot of decisions need to be made so crying over back to work.