What more can you say except CC Sabathia just took the ball and went out there and dominated the game. He only gave up one run on four hits in a 3-1 victory. When we look back for other heroes in the alds you have to mention Ibanez who again had the RBI single that gave them that lead that broke the scoreless tie.

The Orioles go home and the Yankees are celebrating, but not for long because tomorrow the Tigers are coming to town. On paper this should be a better match up for the Yankees than the Orioles were. They have some good starting pitching at the top of the rotation but they lack the bull pen depth of the Orioles or Yankees. They also have some great hitting with the triple crown winner Migel Cabrera and Prince Fielder but outside of them they are kind of average. In the field they really dont play defense well and lack the Spencerian that the Yankees bring to the field with their gold gloves. Dont get me wrong this is no walk in the park they are a dangerous team that will eat you for lunch if you let them, I just like the match-ups the Yankees will be up against. So tomorrow night Pettitte will take the mound for game one and if the Yankees can win this best of seven series it will be a bit of payback for the tigers eliminating the Yankees last year. Hold on to your hats its gonna be a wild one.