On the last game of the season the Yankees finally look like they are firing on all cylinders. Your Bombers gave the Red Sox a beating with a 14-2 victory. Kuroda picked up the win and finished the season with a career high 16 wins. With the Orioles losing The Yankees finish the regular season two games up and will start the ALDS on the road against the winner of a one game playoff between the Rangers and the Orioles. The Rangers lost the division to Oakland on the very last day of the season and did not look good in the month of September. Its hard to believe that the A’s were 16 games out at the end of June and came back to win the division.
Now lets talk about the playoff rotation. Its obvious that CC Pettitte and Kuroda will be your top three.Not necessarily in that order but CC definitely will be your Sunday starter. After that Girardi intends on letting Hughes start game four. WHAT???!!! Why the hell not David Phelps who was just short of brilliant. I don’t get it. Lets compare the numbers Hughes finished with an ERA of 4.23 giving up 196 hits in 191 innings with a whip of 1.26 and Phelps finished 3.34 ERA giving up 81 hits in 99.1 innings with a whip of 1.19. I think Phelps had pitched his way into next seasons rotation and should be starting a game four in the playoffs.
Im sure that Phelps will be on the post season roster as the long man but another guy who deserves a spot is Derek Lowe, he has been a ground ball machine and I hope that the Yankees reward him as such. Im not going to speculate to much on the postseason roster as most of it will be obvious. I will certainly comment after it come out on what I agree or disagree with so you should be looking forward to that.
Was anyone, Besides Bobby Valentine, surprised that he was fired today? Hell I thought they should have fired him after he decided to pitch to Cano again and again and again. Valentine led the Red Sox to their worst record in over 50 years. It seems that Blue Jays skipper John Ferrall is on tip of the Sox wish list taking one of the worst clubs in baseball and making them suck a little less. Ok Ok everyone here is bugging me to predict the post season roster. This is what I know it should be but lets see how it is.


In my mind there isn’t much room for debate here. The only guy I would like to see on there that isn’t is Dickerson. Your thoughts? Ok waiting game is about to begin to see who the Yankees first opponent will be. My gut instinct is that it will be the Orioles they have been much hotter down the stretch. However it is in Texas and Darvish will be starting for the Rangers. Darvish went 16-9 with an ERA under 4 and is almost unbeatable at home. Its going to be a good game for sure as he will be facing off against Joe Saunders who went 9-13 with an era over 4. I believe it will come down to desire and the Orioles have confidence and believe they are better than they actually are and sometimes that’s all you need.