Ivan Nova has been placed on the 15 day DL noting stiffness in his shoulder at the end of his start against the White Sox where he gave up six  runs in six innings. Nova who had ben effective earlier in the season has not been good of late. His positive record is due largely to good run support. timing being what it is in a corresponding move CC Sabathia has been reactivated and will face the Cleveland Indians at the top of the hour. This is an important series against the Indians as the Rays have closed to within 2.5 games in the east. The Indians have been awful and face the best of the Yankees rotation. A series win may help restore a little of that cushion that the Yankees once enjoyed over the Rays and the Orioles.  The Rays are currently playing the A’s and then go to Texas. While the Indian facing Yankees will face the all but dead Blue Jays. The schedule over the next six games certainly seem to favor the Yankees getting back a couple of those games they have lost from their cushion.

It seems that the Yankees are one reliable starter away from showing again that they are the dominant team in baseball. Andy Pettite can’t get back soon enough as far as I’m concerned. To me he will be the key to the castle. The clinching factor in what otherwise may have their playoff aspirations fall a bit short. Lets not forget the Yankees still are 20 games over .500 and have one of the best records in baseball. The showdown with the Rays will start in early September. If the Yankees stay on top until mid September when Pettite is predicted to return all should be well.

tonight’s line up against the Yankees will be

Jeter, Swisher, Cano, Tex, Ganderson,Chavez,Martin,Ibanez and Suzuki.  Enjoy the game.