Skip Bayless is an idiot. First off look at him he’s 6’3 190 pounds. Now im 6’1 201 and im not a fatty at all. This guy is a bean pole, not the build of someone who has been juicing. Secondly he hasn’t gotten faster. He’s not all of a sudden stealing bases and going first to third on singles. What Jeter is doing better than he has done in the past couple of years is make good contact with the ball. If This is somehow do to steroids I will probably never watch another baseball game in my life. Luckily for baseball I’m 99.99% sure that it’s not. I think that Journalists that say things like this should be held accountable for such unfounded accusations. Yea yea yea freedom of speech and all that. I hope that this guy has the class to make an apology to the greatest hitter to ever play the game but he probably wont.

You have all seen in the news a sudden flurry of players who are testing positive for PED’s. Something is either flawed with the testing procedures to make these people believe they can get away with it or they are just plain stupid. I believe it is probably a combination of the too. Perhaps the whole thing needs to be made more public. How about all test results are posted for public viewing and tests are done monthly on all players. Or perhaps testing procedures need to be more widespread in the minors as a preventative. Above all punishment needs to be more decisive and severe. The game which we hold so close to our hearts has no room for cheaters. I also don’t believe that any part of these should have congressional hearings involved. After all at the end of the day it is just a game. Not something that should cost the taxpayers any money. I don’t think a 50 game suspension is severe enough punishment for someone who has already made more money than we will ever see in a lifetime. How about a forfeiture of your pay for the season, cancellation of their contract, and a lifetime ban from baseball. Like I said there is no room in baseball for cheaters.