I can recognize when Freddie Garcia done for the day and so can you. The only one that can’t is Joe Girardi. He waited till the bases were loaded with one out before brining in Cody Eppley who allowed the game to be tied. He got the ground ball he needed but it was too deep in the hole to turn two. So the game is tied and he makes the move to the pen for the Lefty Rappada against Pierzynski. Ok I don’t mind this move Lefty lefty is fine. This however didn’t work as he hit a single that gave the White Sox the lead. I’m not angry about the Rappada move. It was the right call that didn’t work . After that, in a one run game, they bring in Joba Chamberlain who has already been struggling after returning from the DL. Chamberlain is basically at the point where he is just coming out of spring training and everyone else is in mid-season form. His stuff is good but he is still working on his location. He allowed one run to make it 5-3 and then got a fly ball to end the inning . The Yankees answered right back with three runs in the sixth including another HR from Derek Jeter who went 4 for 5 and moved into 11th place on the all time hits list.Next up Willie  So this is where Joe loses the game for the Yankees there is no way in hell that you put a struggling Joba Chamberlain back in to pitch the sixth with a one run lead. Of course Joba gives up a HR and the game is tied again. In comes Boone Logan to face Adam Dunn and close out the inning. I have always believed Logan is a situational lefty at best. You don’t start the seventh with Logan. I would have given that to Lowe or Phelps. Than Robertson in the eighth and Soriano in the ninth, game over Yankees win. Well maybe not with Girardi managing. Logan starts the Seventh game over Yankees lose. Good job Joe.