The Yankees may have a slight problem. The rotation does not seem to have the depth that it once did .  Sabathia and Pettite are on the DL , Nova cant find the strike zone, and Hughes is hit or miss. That leaves Kudora and Garcia as the rotation. Now Phelps is scheduled to pitch on Saturday in Sabathias spot but I disagree with this line of thinking. Phelps still isn’t stretched all the way out and was only marginally effective in his last start. He went 5.2 innings but gave up seven hits and two earned runs one being a Home Run. Now these aren’t horrible numbers by any means and some will say ” The kid has earned another start” This isn’t little league folks this is a business and Derek Lowe came in relief and was Dominate. I mean overpowering for four shut out innings with only two hits and four strike outs. Lowe is an experienced veteran who is already stretched out and could easily give the Yankees 100 pitches or more. If it doesn’t work out then Phelps can come in relief like Lowe did for him. Lowe is one of only three pitchers in history who has 160 or more wins and 80 saves so he is no stranger to the bull pen and his style of pitching along with his 60% ground ball rate might be just what the Doctor ordered as far as adding some stability to the rotation ,. Now I don’t write the line up card so I don’t get to say who will be starting on Saturday and it probably will be Phelps. Don’t be surprised though when the Red Sox hit him around a bit and Lowe comes in to save the day. Sabathia will be back when the Yankees meet Cleavland on the 24th .This time off  is going to give the big ace a well needed rest. The other problem is what to do about Ivan Nova. He has been awful, since the All-Star break he is 1-3  with an ERA of 7.01. How much longer will Girardi keep throwing him out there. I would Imagine if he has two more bad starts consecutively you will see Lowe coming in to save the day again.  I say that Lowe makes the post season roster. Probably in the Pen as the long man, but possibly in the rotation, dependent on how much longer Garcia remains effective. You can tell I like Lowe and I think him and Kudora will be back in pinstripes next year on one year deals. I still like this for a post season rotation 1. Sabathia 2. Pettitte 3. Kudora 4.Lowe and 5. Hughes or Garcia if needed. I would leave Nova at home or in the bull pen at this point. The Yankees need to keep on wining for a few more weeks then the rotation will be healthy again with Sabathia and Pettitte back in the mix. For now mark my words it will be Lowe to the rescue.