without ichiro they are still going to be around 70 to 80 million in payroll do you really think they are going to give Felix 20 plus million a year. I would agree if Seattle were close to being a competitve ball club but to put all thier eggs in one basket instead of rebuilding thier
11 Minutes Ago
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They have been over 100 million before.
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9 Minutes Ago
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the way he acts he sounds happy and seattle. he loves this place and just wants to play for more than just money. hes loyal and would take a minor pay cut if he has to
7 Minutes Ago
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if he takes another deal like the one he is on now sure keep him by all means. But how many 26 year old cy young winners have done that? Ever? ZERO
5 Minutes Ago
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im sure there have been a lot of guys who have stayed. this is baseball where loyalty matters unlike basketball. he is also from a loyal background and the fanbase has shown a lot of support.
2 Minutes Ago
you dont even know wtf you are talking about.. go pray to your Yankee dooche god for the next big thing.. its what you are used to
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So Why wont they resign him?
 This was a spitting match that I wasn’t going to win. Apparently some people are so loyal to Felix Hernandez that they feel that Seattle will resign him to a long term deal even if it take a quarter of their payroll. Look people I have nothing against the Mariners and Felix is a great player but, and this is where the but comes in. They are a bad team. In order for a bad team to become good they cannot commit all their resources into one player. If the Mariners were smart they would trade Felix  next season for a boatload of young talent and then take all the money they have saved by not having his and Ichiros contracts anymore and go out and get more talent. Maybe even put a competitive team on the field. The Mariners ha being the first team ever to lost 100 games with 100 million dollars in payroll. I don’t  think they want to repeat this infamous record. Im happy that King Felix threw the 23rd perfect game in major league history. Its a great moment for him and for the Mariners. Just don’t think for one minute it makes good business sense to put all your eggs in one basket by resigning him for another six to eight years at the cost of  building a winner.