Lets start with the non Yankee news. In case you live in a cave it was kinda a busy day in the baseball world. First and foremost King Felix Hernandez pitched a perfect game against the Tampa Rays with twelve strike outs. He is one of only five who now hold a perfect game and a Cy Young. This is quite an accomplishment especially that its against a team that matters. Often these games are thrown against a team like the Royals or the Twins who cant hit a lick anyhow. The Rays are a contender with a record of 63-54. Today he lives up to his name as king. Funny how his contract gives him bonuses for cy Youngs, gold gloves, WS MVP, MVP and all star appearances, but nothing for a perfect game. You can bet he will be working that into his next big contract. Hernandez is only 26 and will make 20mil next year in the last year of a five year 78million dollar deal. His next contract will be huge. No way the Mariners will be able to keep him. Wonder how he will look in pinstripes for 8 years and 140million.

Other non Yankee news Melky (melkman) Cabrera, formerly of the Yankees, has been suspended for 50 games for testing positive for Testosterone. Cant say that I’m surprised. You always have to wonder when a mediocre at best hitter is all of the sudden leading the league in hits.When a Career .280 hitter is all of the sudden batting .346 you gotta start asking some questions. At least he maned up and didn’t deny it like some of the cheaters out there. The Giants now got no melk will have to start thinking about making a trade or seeing who has cleared waivers. They have expressed interest in Soriano but he has no trade protection and is rumored to be not interested.

A quick comment on the whole meeting between Red Sox players and ownership in which players reportedly ripped on Valentine and wanted hit head on a platter makes me laugh. Henry has come out and said the meeting did take place but nobody asked for Valentines job or said they didn’t want to play with him at any time. Maybe they were meeting with him to do their Fantasy Football drafts. Or maybe they were petitioning to get fried chicken reinstated into the dugout during games. The Red Sox are self destructing and regardless of what Henry or anyone else says Bobby V is one and done!

Ok lets talk Yankees. Lets talk Kuroda, is he not the MVP of the Yankees pitching staff or what? Last night he pitched a two hit shutout in which the ball never left the infield. His stuff was amazing as it has been all year. If not for some bad luck and poor run support he could have 16 wins or more. As it stands he is 11-8 with an ERA of 3.06 only allowing 145 hits in 159 innings. I love that stat hits to innings pitched. The good ones always have less. There are alot of mediocre pitchers out there that have a good record simply because their team has outscored their opponents multiple times not because they have pitched well. Example Ivan Nova who is 11-6 has given up 165 hits in 145 innings and allowed 23 home runs. These are not good numbers, but do to fabulous run support he has a great record. Kudora has earned his 10 million this season and I feel that he has earned a two year deal. The Yankees should offer him two years 18 million plus incentives that can make it worth 20+ million.

At this moment the Yankees are putting the final nail in a 3-2 victory over the Rangers who are still alive do to error. Speaking of clutch pitchers how about Rafeal Soriano? Soriano who holds an out close that he will definitely exercise if Rivera returns. Its official Soriano just nailed down his 29th save in 30 attempts. The Yankees couldn’t ask for more. Speaking of people filling in for injured Yankees has anyone filled in better than Eric Chavez for Alex Rodriguez? He has been amazing. As a part time player he has his batting average up over .300 with 13 HR. He is just pounding the ball and if he isn’t invited back next year that will be a crime. I realize that its A-Rods position and they aren’t paying A-Rod 30+ million a year to DH but Chavez has just been better. With Alex’s inability to stay off the DL it would be a crime not to carry a backup who can hit and has six gold gloves next year. Alex’s fractured hand is apparently healing well and had another x-ray on his broken hand and stated that it is better. He was throwing the football around before the game and should begin hitting as early as this Sunday. Expect him back beginning of September.

The Yankees are on a Roll tomorrow it will be Ivan Nova to try for the sweep. Then three games against the Red Sox with the Orioles facing Detroit and then Texas a golden opportunity lies ahead for the Yankees to provide some separation in the division. Make sure you follow us on Twitter at Yankeesmagazine.