For the last three to five seasons all I have heard is how bad Jeter is and how he is declining. Those of you that are saying this, are you paying attention to his numbers? He is on pace for 200 hits this year.  Actually at his current pace he would end with 212 hits and a .314 batting average. Right now he has 3226 hits for his career. When Pete Rose, the all time hit leader, was the same age he ended the season with 3265 hits. Undoubtably Jeter will finish ahead of that leaving him a little over 900 hits to take over the all time hits record. Realistically Jeter will probably play five more years. Most of you will feel that this is a stretch but you are the same people who feel he is declining batting .300 with 200 hits. This would mean that he would have to average 180-200 hits a year to take over the record. Those of you who are Jeter doubters are already saying there is no frigging way that he will be hitting 180 hits at 43 years old. Let me remind you this is Derek Jeter, Jeter has time and time again defied the odds. Nobody, and I mean nobody, in baseball works harder than Jeter. When people say he can’t do something he just works harder and proves them wrong. Jeter, if he stays healthy will pass Pete Rose and his 4256 hits. I believe that Jeter wants it no matter how humble he tries to be , no matter how much he says he doesn’t care about the stats. You and I both know that this record is something special. Something that a great player like Jeter deserves to own. Trust me he knows its special too. Don’t bet against Jeter, you will lose.