You may have noticed the Yankees are in the middle of a slump. They have dropped eight of their last twelve games and If it weren’t for them still having a 5.5 game lead over the Orioles I might be a bit more concerned. But the question still remains why are they playing so poorly. First the lack of offence. The Yankees have been banged up. Injuries to A-Rod, Swisher, Texeria, Gardner  and Martin have hampered offensive production. The Yankees when healthy have the best offence in baseball hands down. Primarily because if one guy gets cold another one is hot. Right now the offence is thin because Granderson and Cano are in mini slumps. With A-Rod on the DL they are lacking power and consistency in the three hole. The Yankees made a move today that may help fill that gap at least for now. They traded Chad Qualls for Casey McGhee from the Pirates. What I want to know is how Cashman can keep pulling off these deals. It’s like he goes up to another GM and says ” Hey you know that guy that if fairly productive and good defensively that you got and aren’t really using all that much?” Well I got this pile of shit that I will give you for him and Ill tell you what Ill even let you throw in some cash to make it a great deal.” McGhee is a good player Period!  He has not had much playing time this year with the pirates but last year he hit double digits HR in the last three years his big year being 2010 when he hit 29 HR and 104 RBI. Qualls on the other had would have been Designated for assignment in a few days anyhow. Now don’t misread me, I’m not saying that McGhee is going to be some great bat that is going to come in and save the day. What I am saying is that he is decent against lefties and can play first and third. With ARod on the DL till September and Texeria Day to-day with a wrist injury he should  get some playing time and is a defensive upgrade at first over Swisher and at Third over Pena. Chavez will still see most of the starts against righties Im certain. Dont be surprised if you see him playing first base tomorrow night, Will be interesting to see him without a beard. Ichiro has been a great deal so far. He has had a hit in every game as a Yankee has a cannon for an arm and is probably the fastest player on the team with Gardner on the DL. Will make an interesting decision next year. I personally would love to see him come back next season. However its unrealistic to belive that the BOMBERS would have two singles hitters in the outfield, but who knows anything is possible.

Better than anything they could have done at the trade deadline is the return of Joba Chaberlain. He will strengthen an already good Yankee bull pen. Tomorrow is a matinée with Phil Hughes on the mound. Phil has been good this year and loves to pitch during the day.

Things to watch for.

1. McGhee Beardless playing tomorrow?

2. Ichiro extending hitting streak?

3. Hughes continues to rack up the K’s?

4. Joba in the 7th inning throwing gas?

5. Hopefully Soriano will get to untuck his shirt.