could this be the next NY hearthrob

At the mid-point of the season not unlike many other years the Yankees have the best record in baseball. It certainly has been an interesting first half as what started out looking like a weakness has turned into the Yankees greatest strength. I’m talking about the rotation of course. Even when CC and Andy went down others like Phelps and Garcia stepped up. Many have made comments about the Yankees inability to hit with runners in scoring position. I say to them does it really matter as long as you win games? The bombers have done that better than any other team. So where do we go from here? Do we look to make a trade before the deadline? Of course we do its the Yankee way. We will overpay for a rental that will help us cross the finish line and win the world series. I say this , If it results in a world series is it really overpaying? Are the Yankees willing to give up a couple of thier best prospects for a couple of months of Cole Hammels or should they look for a longer term solution like Matt Garza . Maybe the Yankees should look to booster their bench or outfield?

I personally like the Idea of Garza but who knows what is going on in the Brain of Cashman. All I know is the second half  of the season should be exciting as I think the Yankees have a good shot at 100+ wins with the roster they got.