The Yankees have been on a tear lately and have been building a sizable lead in the AL East. Here are some random thoughts/questions I would like you all to ponder and leave feedback about in the comment section.

1. Is it me or are the Red Sox working thier way back from the cellar and do they have a shot of catching the Yankees?

2. With Pettite out for six to eight weeks do the Yankees need to make a play for another starter. Do they have the stuff to get Cole Hamells? I say only if he agrees to an extention before the trade.

3. Did Joe leave Garcia out there yeasterday and inning to long or what?

4. Will CC really be back after the all star break?

5. Will the return of Joba be huge for the bullpen?

6. Should the Yankees think about working out an extension of some sort for Soriano who will almost certainly opt out of his contract at the end of this season?

7.Is there any chance of Rivera being back in time for the play-offs?

8. Whats going on with Gardner? It seems like forever since he has been torturing pitchers while on base. Do the Yankees need to think about another bat? ala Shane victorino perhaps?