CC Sabathia’s complete game victory tonight over the Braves puts them at ten in a row. I know its silly to even talk about the longest win streak record , but just in case you wanted to know its 26 set by the NY Giants. This included one tie. The longest without a tie is 21 games held by the Oakland A’s.  Like I said stupid to discuss. What isn’t dumb is the fact that with Baltimore’s loss the Yankees have a 2.5 game lead in the division and are only a half game behind the Dodgers (tied in the loss col) for the best record in baseball.  At the beginning of this year I would like to point out the Yahoos over at ESPN all favored Boston to win the division and NY to have to many question marks to be competitive. Well it seems to me that the Yankees “Questionable” rotation has been the best in baseball over the past ten games with an ERA of 1.89. I have heard rumors that the Yankees may be interested in adding some pitching at the deadline. The names I have heard are Matt Garza and Ryan Dempster. With the Yankees Rotation pitching so well I think this is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. The only thing the Yankees should be looking for is outfield depth,pinch hitters, and possibly a pinch runner. You may think I am crazy but I think that If he would agree to it I would like to see Manny Ramirez as a bench player/reserve left fielder. I know crazy right?

Tomorrow the Yankees are back at it to try and make it win number eleven on the road to 26 as they take on the Braves once again. It will be Kuroda at 6 and 6 against Hudson at 4 and 2.