That is the Empire State Yankees. I had the pleasure of watching them play tonight against the Toledo Mud Hens. I wont bore you with all the details of the game because I know you all want to hear about the NY Yankees but i feel obligated to give you a short synopses since I was there. First let me say that Adam Warren was good, he went seven innings and gave up two runs. Next let me say that Manny Delcarman deserves to be in the Big leagues he was throwing gas touching 95 on the gun and simply over matched the mud hens. Jack Cust was equally as impressive hitting to bombs and scoring three runs. I cant see a spot for him on the big leauge roster unless Ibanez should get injured but I could see him having some trade value. Kevin Whalen blew the save but got the win as the Yankees got a bases loaded walk-off walk in the bottom of the ninth to complete the comeback of the damage that Whelan created. The last pitch sent the Toledo manager into a frenzy of F bombs that would have made George Carlin Blush. I wish  I had been quicker with the I phone and had gotten it on video. Probably would have cost him some money if I put it on You Tube. Might have even made me famous. OK Probably not but it was a good time with good friends and we had fun heckling the Mud Hens.

OK on to the Big Yanks. Two loses in a row to the Angels is bad. But the good news is Tampa and Baltimore have also lost two straight so the Yankees remain 2.5 games back. Game one was lost by a walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth but goes back to Phil Hughes having a horrible first inning. Game two was due to lack of hitting and some great defense by the Angels as Pettitte went seven and although wasn’t great kept them in the game. Ervin Santana will match up against Ivan Nova tonight at 9pm in the series finally. Nova has given up to many HR and Santana lost his first four games due to lack of run support. Nova is coming off a win so hopefully he can build on this. If the Yankees can win they will have gone 4-2 on the west coast heading into Detroit.