The MRI on Michael Pineda shows that he has a torn Labrum. He will have surgery soon and  much of the media is going to beat this to death. This will be my only post on the matter. I feel that you as readers will hear enough about it on every media source, in every article for the next few days you will consider naming your next child Labrum, so I will keep it brief.

The tear to the Labrum did not include the rotator cuff, which is good news. Typically this is a surgery that has a high success rate of full recovery. Some pretty big name pitchers have had this procedure and were just fine the next season. Al Liter, Brandon Webb and Curt Shilling all recovered with flying colors and I Imagine a young guy like Pineda will be back next season with that 99 MPH fastball back to full force.

Andy Pettite threw 81 pitches for AA Trenton tonight and went into the sixth inning. He feels that his arm strength still isn’t quite there yet though. I would imagine two more starts in the minors will have him ready for the home stand against Tampa. With Hughes and Garcia stinking up the joint and Pineda on the shelf this season, Pettite has become a necessity not a luxury. Lets assume for a minute that Pettite takes Hughes spot in the rotation and Garcia continues to suck. Who will the Yankees turn to as their fifth starter? Will it be Phelps? perhaps Betences or Benualos will be brought up from triple A.

I know that I talk a lot about Jeter later but can you blame me? He is leading the league in Hits and is batting .425 as of the sixth inning of tonight’s game against the Rangers. I know it’s two early to be mentioning such things but the record for the most hits in a season is 262 set by Ichiro in 2004. The reason I mention this is that if Jeter continues his current pace he will finish with around 300 hits. Breaking this record would not only be awesome but he would be the oldest player to break 200 hits in MLB history.