I usually don’t write about non Yankee things nor do I tend to write about the stupid  drama that surrounds the game. Every year I write one article about how bad ESPN is and every year one person is such a big baby that I have to open my mouth and piss a bunch of people off.

I am a fan of baseball. I may not like the Red Sox, being a Yankees fan, but I respect all aspects of the game and its traditions. The Red Sox are about to celebrate 100 years in Fenway park, which is a huge deal, and Terry Francona will not participate because “ the wounds are to fresh”

Last season while manager of the Red Sox, the Globe printed an article that shed him in a bad light. It blamed his divorce as reason for his losing control of the club and accused him of having a problem with pain medication.

Lets make the assumption that none of this is true and he was falsely portrayed. The Red Sox still had a collapse that cost them the playoffs and was the reason that he was not offered a new contract. Regardless of what he thinks of the Boston media  the Red Sox ownership, he was still a huge part of the teams success and brought them a championship which no other manager had been able to do since 1918.

The Red Sox have invited all of the living former managers to participate in this celebration and I’m certain that all of them love the Fans of Boston enough to participate. Oh, except Francona who decided that the wounds were to fresh and he wasn’t ready to swallow his pride so as not to ruin an event that was 100 years in the making.

Grow up Terry!  I never liked the Red Sox but I used to respect you. Up until the point where you decided to disappoint a million+ Fans that simply want to say thank you for being a part of a great organization.