It is absurd to listen to reporters even comment on the fact that the Yankees are 0-3 and just got swept by the Tampa Rays. The Yankees are healthy and have often been beat up by the Rays as they have in recent years ” had the Yankees number” The Yankees squandered some opportunities, it happens, let’s go to Baltimore. They are just shaking off some rust or getting warmed up, you can call it whatever you like. Bottom line is that they will be fine and those of you who think otherwise are just dumb. That being said we can readdress this situation when the Yankees start out 2-12, then you can worry a bit.

For now we are off to Baltimore where Ivan Nova will be facing Brian Matusz, who had an ERA over 10 last season and a record of 1-9. How many big league teams do you think that will make you a member of the starting rotation with. The Orioles are a bad team that is 3-0 Matusz was once thought to be a rising star with the birds but was horrible last year and the Yankees seem to have his number with Cano Jeter and Tex hitting a combines .415 off him with 10 extra base hits. In fact the only players with under a .300 average against him are Granderson .273 with 2 HR and 6 RBI and Gardner who has no hits against him in ten trys.

The Yankees will start Garcia on Tuesday and then back to Sabathia on Wednesday. Although unlikely, coming out of this series 3-3 would shut everyone up I think the Yankees will be 2-4 by Wednesday close of business.  Thursday will be a day off and then we have the Yankees home opener on Friday vs the Angels ending on Sunday with the ESPN game of the week. So crack out your red white and blue kids and lets play some baseball.