The Yankees new stud pitcher Michael Pineda is headed to the DL with tendonitis after the results of an MRI today.  Manager Joe Girardi states that this is good news after fearing a much worse injury due to the location of Pineda’s pain and his lack of velocity this spring so far.  Pineda will be shut down for now and will receive treatment as they attempt to reduce the swelling in his shoulder. There is  no timetable for his return but you can bet that the Yankees will take their time and ensure that their new golden arm is ready before he makes his Yankees regular season debut.

Pineda starting the season on the DL will un- muddy the starting rotation, at least for a little while, as it seems all but certain that the starting rotation will look like this.

1, CC Sabathia

2. Hideki Kuroda

3. Phil Hughes

4. Freddy Garcia

5. Ivan Nova

Not a bad rotation if you ask me. I think that ultimately though it will look more like this come May or June

1. Sabathia

2. Kuroda

3. Pettitte

4.. Hughes

5. Pineda or Nova.

And Garcia to the bull pen.   Too much quality  pitching is a problem that any team would love to have and If the Yankees utilize them properly and forget about who is making what and just pitch the arm that is getting the most outs I see no reason that they shouldnt have one of the best seasons of recent history.

I have a good feeling about this season , stay with us and follow us on twitter at Yankeesmagazine.