After spending some time around camp and throwing some Batting Practice Andy has decided that he feels pretty good and wants to rejoin the Yanks.

The Yankees have signed Pettitte to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. Pettitte was pretty darn good in his last season with the Yankees going 11-3 with an ERA of 3.28. If Pettitte makes the Major league roster it will most likely take him until May to get ready. The contract is worth 2.5 million dollars, but somehow I feel that the money is not the issue hear. Andy truly loves the game and would not be doing this if his heart wasn’t in it 100%.

Of course Dip Shit Valentine had to throw in his big mouth and said “ Is he going to pitch or just come in and pick people off” He went on to say that the Yankees have gone from to much pitching to having too to much pitching. This will be great for baseball if he makes a successful comeback. I for one am very excited, I just wish it had happened before my fantasy baseball draft.