To this point I haven’t paid much attention to spring training except for a couple of innings here or there. Now it gets serious.

The minor league games will begin this weekend so the Yankees likely will begin their first round of cuts. The starters will begin to play a bit longer and the few roster competitions will begin to take form,

Speaking of the Roster lets take a look at what it will likely look like. Here is my prediction for the position players on the  twenty five man roster and a little something about each of them.

1. Russell Martin.  Has looked healthy this spring and is swinging the bat well. The Yankees talked before the season of working out a new contract for him but will now wait until the off season.

2 . Mark Teixeira :  Tex came to camp 15 pounds lighter and hopefully this will add to 15 points added to his batting average from last year. He gives credit for his thinner frame to vegetable juice replacing snacks in his diet.

3. Robinson Cano: Cano should be entering the prime years of his career and I predict will have another all star season and may even compete for an MVP. The Yankees new budget plans for 2014 will need some adjusting if they intend to keep Cano in Pinstripes.

4. Derek Jeter: Every year we go thru the “ How much longer will Jeter play?” Every year he proves why he’s one of the greatest to play the game. News Flash haters Jeter will be the Yankees short stop till he retires, (whenever that may be) If you know something else let me know.

5. Alex Rodriguez: During the offseason Alex when to Europe to have a blood spinning procedure that he claims will revitalize his career. So far this spring his bat has agreed. If he stays healthy I think we will see the Alex of 2009.

6. Nick Swisher: Nick is in the last year of his contract before he becomes a free agent. A huge year is likely to earn him a new one as the Yankees don’t have any surefire outfield prospects in the minors.

7. Curtis Granderson:  The Grandy- man has turned out to be one of the best trades that Cashman has made.  I’m predicting that you will be hearing his name a lot this season.

8. Brett Gardner: Brett seems to be getting better every year and seems like this year will be no different. He continues to become one of the best defensive players in the game and nobody will talk smack about his speed.

Ok there are the starting position players which are the same as last season. Later we will continue our 25 man layout with pitching. Make sure to follow us on twitter at Yankeesmagazine.