Its  the end of a horrible signing as AJ Burnett heads to Pittsburg. In return for Burnett the Yankees will receive Diego Monero, a minor league pitcher that has a big fastball. Some scouting reports saying it hits 97 MPH and Exicado Cayones, a left fielder who is still just 20 years old and yet to play a full season in the minors.

I didn’t expect anyone good in return the major part of this deal is the 13 million of Burnett’s contract that the Pirates have agreed to pay. The deal will be finalized this weekend after MLB approval and all parties involved have passed their Physicals.

The Yankees are expected to take their newly found money to sign a DH, presumably Raul Ibanez. The Yankees have also been talking with Johnny Damon and Hideki Matusi, but they are being seen as not able to play in the field. How quickly this happens remains to be seen but it may happen as soon as tomorrow.