It seems like the Yankees have always been about big bats and Home Runs. Mark Teixeira’s willingness to bunt against the shift not only shows a bend in this philosophy, but may be in line with the newer less expensive Yankees of the future.

Don’t get me wrong the Yankees will always have their big bats and HR hitters  but I see a turn toward moving runners one base at a time and scratching out runs .

Teams shift hard against Tex sometimes leaving nobody playing third base, an occasional bunt would not only give him a cheap single but would make teams shift less giving him those right field hits he is currently losing. If every player on the roster was willing to lay down a bunt and play a little small ball the score may be lower but the wins will be plentiful.

It’s a new era , one that will be focused around young talented pitching and more slash type hitters. This willingness to get back to the basics will be met with resistance but when it starts adding up to wins I think the old timers will come around.