If the Yankees have decided who will be their DH next season they certainly aren’t giving any clues. Rumors are abundant and include everyone from Matsui to Damon and a bunch of candidates in-between. Truth be told I don’t think they are as worried about it as everyone else is. The Yankees have no short supply of good hitters and may just use the position as a revolving door going with whomever is the hot bat at the time. Perhaps they will give some of their minor league talent a whirl like Jorge Vazquez or perhaps they will use Andruw Jones or Edwardo Nunez on days that none of the starting line-up needs a rest. Or maybe they are on the hunt for another bat via free agency or the trade market. Maybe Johnny Damon maybe not. Ibanez is certainly an option but is he worth the money that he will be asking? I am standing by my man Vazquez, however it’s not the Yankees style to utilize their unproven minor league talent unless forced to do so, but hey times are a changein.