With one quick move the Yankees finally prove that they really ment it when they said that the rotation was a priority by signing Kudora and trading for Pinada.

Ok lets start with Michael Pineda, This kid is gold. Mark my words this guy is going to be the best pitcher in the game within three years now that he is off a losing team. It cost the Yankees Jesus Montero so I guess my days of typing Jesus has saved the day are gone for now but its a deal that I would have made in a second and its one that Cashman should be proud of. At 22 Pineda will instantly become the second best pitcher on the staff and isn’t even arbitration elligible until 2014, Pineda struck out 173 batters in 171 innings last season and had an ERA of 3.74. This kids average fastball was among the best in baseball coming in at more than 94 mph and he allowed less than a hit per inning. To put some of these numbers in perspective only Roger Clemens and David Cone have ever had more strikeouts than innings pitched in the history of the Yankees.

If picking up this Kid wasn’t enough the Yankees also signed free agent Hiroki Kudora. Kuroda pitched 204 innings last year with an ERA of 3.04. The Yankees tried to aquire Kudora last season via trade but he used his veto power because he didnt want to leave the west coast. Now that he has hit free agency he signed a one year deal with NY worth 10 millon dollars. Kudora will probably slide into the three or four spot in the Rotation which will leave Hughes, Garcia and Burnett fighting for the fifth spot.

So with seven starters the question will be will the Yanks try and move one of them. Also with Montero gone who will be the DH in 2012? My best guess at the Rotation looks something like this.

1. CC Sabathia

2. Michael Pineda

3. Ivan Nova

4. Hiroki Kudora

5. Phil Hughes.     In my opinion they just became the favorites to win the American league. However as we all know the game is not played on paper, but for now this Yankees fan has new hope in winning another championship.