The Yankees continue to let the best of the free agents slip thru their grasp. It’s not that they can’t afford them .It’s either that they don’t feel its a good fit or they feel the price is to high for what you get in return. These are the Pitchers who are already gone:

CJ Wilson: Signed with the Angels , Mark Buehrle signed with the Marlins, Eric Bedard signed with the Pirates,Chris Capuano is now with the Dodgers and Yu Darvish will either be with the Rangers or back in Japan. So lets take a look at the best of whats left.

Bartolo Colon: Colon was with the Yankees last season and had a great first half but after a hamstring injury wasnt as effective in the second half. All in all he is certainly worth consideration for a minor league deal with a spring training invite. However I’m guessing someone will take a chance and give him a major league deal.

Arron Cook: I don’t see the Yankees being interested in a 32-year-old who hasn’t been effective since 2009 but if nobody offers him a deal a non contract invite to spring training wouldn’t hurt.

Jon Garland: Missed most of last season with an oblique injury for the Dodgers. After finishing the season on the DL and only making nine starts the Dodgers failed to exercise their team option they held on the 32-year-old hurler. Garland is an interesting pitcher to me. Prior to last year he hadn’t been on the DL since 2000 and has been a great innings eater pitching more than 2oo innings every year since 2004. He has had success in the American league and in his last full season was 14-12 with an ERA of 3.47 over 33 games. Granted that’s lower than his career average. I think he is definitely worth a look. If his medicals are clean I would love to see him at spring training expecting to win a spot in the rotation.

Edwin Jackson: Probably the best of whats left Jackson is coming off a career year with the Cards that some him go 12-9 with an ERA under four. He pitched 199 innings and had 148 K’s. He did give up a lot of hits but with the Yankees run support I feel that he would instantly become a number three in the rotation behind Ivan Nova. If the Yankees want Jackson they are going to have to pay though. He will be looking for a multi-year deal but I’ll be he would sign a two-year deal with an option for around 14 million.

Hiroki Kudora: We have already beat this horse to death. I hear conflicting reports every day on the Yankees level of interest. I will say that they Yankees almost traded for him last year but he would not waive his no trade clause. Now it seems he is willing to come east. All I can say is we will have to wait and see.

Roy Oswalt.: Another Horse we have already beaten to death. His big question mark comes down to this formula  His age+ His Back Problems+ His never pitching in the AL – His willingness to take a one year deal =?

There are also a few other names out there that could become relevent in an attempt to make spring training a sideshow such as Kevin Millwood, Brad Penny, Joel Pineiro ,Brandon Webb, Livan Hernandez and Micah Owings.

Owings  is an interesting guy. He has done it all , Long man, starter, or pinch hitter. Thats right he is one of those pitchers who is a career .286 hitter. Whatever the Yankees do or don’t do it seems that they are out of the big money loop. Of course we have heard that before havent we?