With most of the free agent pitching off the board the Yankees reportedly are competeing with the Red Sox for the services of Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda 37 had spent all of his four MLB seasons with the Dodgers. His win/loss record is not that good 41-46, but remember he played for a losing team. If you take a closer look at his numbers he doesnt look all that bad. He has thrown 208 innings allowing 198 hits with an ERA of 3.45. For camparitive purposes last season he pitched 202 innings allowing 196 hits with an era of 3.07 and had a record of 13-16. Ivan Nova had a record of 16-4 pitched 165 innings allowing 163 hits with an ERA of 3.70. Shows the differance of being on a team that can actually hit the ball doesn’t it? I like Kuroda, I’m not thrilled with the fact that he is 37 but he has been durable and does’t seem to have lost much. If anything he has gotten better. I certainly would try and get him on a one year deal with a team option for a second. I have enough confidance in him that I would offer him 10mil for a year with incentives that could make it worth 13million with a 9.5 million team option for a second year. If the Yankees do sign Kuroda it will be interesting to see how close I was.

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