The Rangers are the big winners in the Darvish sweepstakes with a bid of 51.7 million dollars. This gives Texas the exclusive negotiating rights to this elite talent. They have 30 days to work out a contract with him upon completion they will have to pay the Nippon Ham Fighters the posting fee. If they are unable to work out a deal no money is paid and Darvish will return to Japan for another year.

I think this is a flawed system. The bid is secret and only the highest bid is eligible for those rights. Ok lets play devils advocate for a moment. Lets say you are the Yankees and you know your arch nemisis the Red Sox really really really want this guy. (that wasnt the case but play along) What is to stop you from bidding a rediculous number like 100million dollars with no intent to ever sign the player. Just to prevent them from getting him.

Here is my solution The posting system would remain the same except for one exception. If the winning bid fails to work out a deal then the next highest bidder would get a 14 day window to sign the player . That is if the Japanese team is willing to except that bid as well. This would prevent teams from bidding to high just to prevent anyone else from signing the player.

Yu Darvish is without a doubt a talented player but as we have seen in the cases of Dice K and Igawa this does not necessarily transfer to the MLB.  Its a lot less risky with position players as we have seen with Ichiro and Matsui. So you be the judge, is the current system adequate? or does it lead to the possibility of being flawed?