Seems that Roy Oswalt has lowered his contract expectations and is willing to except a one year deal to prove to all that his back is fine and he is worth a big contract.

His agent seems willing to talk to the Yankees about a contract but it seems the Yankees are reportedly not interested. If we have learned anything from history its that the Yankees are coy about their level of interest in anything. Remember when Bubba Crosby was going to be our starting CF? Just before Johnny Damon shocked everyone signing with the Bombers. Remember when the Yankees were out on Mark Teixeira? 

Oswalt struggled with injuries last year but came back be dominate down the stretch. Last year he went 9-10 with an ERA of 3.69. He had more hits than innings pitched which for some reason is the first thing I personally look at for a quick snapshot of a pitchers worth.

Do I think Roy is worth a look? Yea he’s worth a look. Is he a legitimate number two starter? Probably not anymore. I think that the Yankees will look at his medical records at the least and have already had some internal discussions. They may even test to see how cheap he can be signed for.

I believe his value on a one year deal to be 7-8mil. That being said if the Yankees sign him it will probably be on a one year 11million dollar deal.