After being stagnant so far this offseason the Yankees are finally starting to show some signs of life on the rumor board/trade market.

The Yankees have made it known that they are willing to trade AJ Burnett and eat 8 million of the 33 million owed to the 35 year old pitcher.

Burnett won 18 games with Toronto in 2008 and the Yankees snatched him up quickly once he hit free agency. Since that time he has not lived up to the expectations. In three seasons with the Yankees he is 34-36 with an ERA north of 4.50. If anything positive can be said about Burnett it’s that he has had a couple of clutch playoff outings.

Seems to me if the Yankees are going to move a .500 pitcher who is owed 33 million over the next two seasons they are going to have to eat twice what they are offering just to be rid of his contract and expect nothing in return. If the Yankees are able to do this I feel that it would be a win for Cashman, and expensive win but still a win.

In other Yankees doings the Yankees have won a sealed bid on posted Japanese short-stop Hiroyuki Nakajima. Nakajima 27, hit .313 over four seasons in Japan. Nakajima is an Asian version of Jeter ten years ago. He has been good for 20HR 95 RBI and 20 SB every year over the last four years. But as we have learned anything with Dice K and Igawa is that Stats in Japan don’t necessarily translate to the MLB. The Yankees have spent 2M for the rights to negotiate with him so it seems they believe that Fielding may be a different story.

If the Yankees sign Nakajima  It will be interesting to see weather he fills the utility role making Nunez tradable , or if they move him down to AAA as added depth. The Yankees lack true replacement level infield depth except at the lowest a level with Cito Culver. If Nunez becomes available could he be made part of a trade package to the A’s for Gio Gonzalez.

It seems the light hitting Athletics have an interest in trading Gonzalez if they are blown away. Early discussions with the Yankees have the asking price set to high though as the A’s are asking for Jesus Montero, Mason Williams and either Manny Banuelos or Dellin Betances.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Gonzalez but nobody could think he is worth all that.  I think that the Yankees will have to be willing to give up Montero and I would think that the A’s would have an interest in Nunez who has proven he is patient at the plate and can run the bases well. Nunez also has played some outfield. If Nunez has an Achilles heal it would be hit fielding. However one would think the A’s would be willing to take a chance with this considering  their current SS Cliff Pennington is 27 and had 23 errors last season. If I were Cashman I would offer Montero, Nunez and Mason.

So as you can see the hot stove is no longer cold more to come. Make sure you are following us on Twitter at Yankees Magazine.